About Us

It is my sincerest hope that I can help you nurture Christian values and principles in your children through activities that really don't add much time to your already crazy life as a busy mom. A few years into motherhood, I was smacked in the face with the reality that if I'm not the one planting these seeds of faith in my children and guide them with their understanding of right and wrong, then the world will do it for me. And that is something I wasn't about to let happen because we all know that the world can be at odds with the ways of God. As a mom, I was wondering if I was doing enough.

So, I figured, why not combine two things that kids love (picture books and art) in a way that teaches them about the love of God. I keep the book recommendations incredibly inspiring and the art projects engaging enough without leaving your home a disaster area. AND all projects can be completed in one 20 minute session. My goal is to provide you with the resources needed to be able to answer YES to the following question: Does my child know more about Jesus and His kingdom today because of me?

And what an incredible feeling that is to be able to lay your head down at night, knowing that answer is yes. So here's to raising a future generation of ambassadors for Christ while nurturing literacy & creativity along the way!