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Little Holy Hearts

Holy Advent Art Class Bundle

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Get the exact tools and step-by-step instruction you need to create simple, beautiful and meaningful art with kids ages 5-8 this Advent season.

 Here's what's included in the bundle:

(All of the resources are digital. You will not receive a physical product.)

  • 4 art tutorials for each week of Advent covering St. Nicholas, Our Lady of Guadalupe & St. Juan Diego, Angels and the Annunciation, and Bethlehem/Nativity
  • Book lists & supply lists
  • Advent planning sheet
  • Theology fact sheets
  • Prayer sheets for each project
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Templates
  • 4 full-length video demonstrations designed for the kids to follow along that are prerecorded with unlimited playback and don't expire

When you purchase the Holy Advent Art Class Bundle, you will have access to all the tools you need to bring more faith-filled moments that tie into the liturgical year into your children's life at home or in the classroom through art using simple supplies you most likely already have on hand right away in the form of a PDF that will be sent right to your inbox.

Each lesson is part visual art AND part Catholic theology to give children a well-rounded artistic experience that keeps their hearts and minds focused on important Saints, Scripture, Angels, the Nativity, prayer and more.

Here is the break down of what each lesson covers:

LESSON 1: St. Nicholas Painted Portrait

Time Needed: 1-30 minute session
Ages: 5-8 (9-12 can participate, just swap out paint sticks for oil pastels or colored pencils!)
Children learn about St. Nicholas and parts of bishops’ clothing and how to draw a portrait using templates as a guide. They learn how to color with paint sticks that dry quickly and don’t leave a mess to clean up! They outline their drawing with oil pastel to make it pop!

LESSON 2: Our Lady of Guadalupe Mixed Media

Time Needed: 2-30 minute sessions (for drying time)
Ages: 5-8 (9-12 can participate, just swap out paint sticks for oil pastels or colored pencils and encourage more details!)
Children learn about St. Juan Diego and Our Lady of Guadalupe in this COLORFUL mixed media watercolor resist exploration, adding sparkly painted roses for a special finishing touch!

LESSON 3: Advent Pattern Angels Watercolor

Time Needed: 2-30 minute sessions (for drying time)
Ages: 5-8 (9-12 can participate! They do great with the Sharpies. You can swap Sharpies for oil pastels for 5-6 year olds)
Children learn about angels: their role in the Annunciation and our own Guardian Angels. They express their creativity through making their own fun pattern designs & painting with watercolor learning about warm & cool colors... & a splatter star background!

LESSON 4: Bethlehem Paper Cityscape Collage

Time Needed: 1-30 minute session
Ages: 5-8 (9-12 can participate as well. They can go all out with details in their paper cut windows and details and draw their own nativity silhouette)
Children reflect on Luke 2: 8-14 and use geometric shapes to create a colorful Bethlehem town and nativity scene with a simple painted star background. They also learn about foreground, middle ground & background.

Please know that this is a DIGITAL product that will be delivered DIGITALLY in PDF format, and you will not receive a physical product in the mail.